Welcome to the South Island, New Zealand

Hi! I'm Mark Walter. I'm an ex-member of the New Zealand Professional Fishing Guides Association (17 years), with 30 years experience "stalking" Brown and Rainbow Trout. As a "roving" South Island fishing guide I can take you (and 2 mates max) to all the best rivers, spring creeks, feeder streams, burns, lakes and tarns the South Island has to offer.

As a roving guide, I can provide my client with a multi-day fishing experience in a region or regions where the fishing, weather and water conditions are the most favourable at that time. All regions are an easy drive from each other (as the map indicates) and there is nonstop fishing between all of them. The South Island has over 300 rivers and over 100 lakes to choose from. I practice "catch and release" on most trout waters.

My tours range in duration from half day to 14 days and cover the breadth and width of the South Island.

Whether you are a beginner or expert (or somewhere in between) a fly fisherman or spin (lure) fisherman, I can cater a special tour to suit your abilities and needs. If you are a beginner I can teach you the basics of flyfishing and in as little as one hour you can be fishing for these beautiful Browns and Rainbows.

With the best dry fly, nymph, streamers or wet fly fishing in the South Island, it's no wonder the most popular of my tours being between 4-10 days, entitles you to fish a variety of delightful water in the most scenic of locations. Sight fishing is the preferred way to catch these beauties, and is possible in all the regions of the South Island.

These regions are driving times from the Christchurch International Airport where I personally greet my clients and begin their tour with nonstop fishing. So let me make all your arrangements for you and you can just relax and enjoy the fishing and sights.
Canterbury High Country: 1-2 hrs drive
West Coast (Hokitika): 2.5 - 3 hrs drive
Marlborough (Nelson): 3.5 hrs drive
McKenzie Country (Twizel): 3 hrs drive
Otago (Queenstown): 4-7 hrs drive
Southland (Gore): 7 hrs drive.

If you like or want to try salmon fishing I can cater to your needs as well. The King, Chinnok or Quinnat Salmon run in the East Coast rivers between December and April and provide excellent sport.